I fell asleep crying and wondering when I will be happy again. I woke up after a couple hours of sleep from a very vivid dream.

I stopped at the grocery store after delivering papers and I saw my cousin's brother who also delivers papers (my cousin's dad is my relative, her brother has a different dad). Then I went to deliver my uncle's paper and Max (the dog) was in his driveway. I made him get in my car, my uncle wants him so I don't want him down there, and then I went home. When I pulled in, W and Boston were working on W's house. I stayed in my car a couple minutes, yea, I was hiding. They went inside, I let Max out of the car and I went in my house. Then Boston walked in. He was wearing the gangsta Halloween costume he wore a few years ago, suspenders, hat and all. He stood there talking to me while I pretended to clean up and refused to look at him. But he wouldn't shut up and I started to smile. Then he grabbed my arm and made me look at him as he talked some more. And I started laughing and smiling. I woke up when he leaned in to kiss me.

So yea, I'm happy. Even though I'm still here alone and having a hard time with W, he really needs some help you know, I'm still feeling better. Maybe W's so-called best friend is finally done being selfish and coming to be his friend and help him out or maybe I'm going to help him find a new who does want to be his real friend. Cause some one just like Boston is coming to take care of me. And he's going to make me laugh


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