Means star in Italian. It's also the name of a character in Orange is the New Black. I will be talking about her in a minute. I let "I Want To Know What Love Is" play real loud this morning and I sang along. I hear it often but usually let the scan go right on by. I loved it when it came out and it played as this season ended. First, I didn't have much to say yesterday, I let my playlist talk for me. On Saturday's paper route, I saw a lot of buck. So many I didn't count. The best was the one I got four pics of....in magic valley. It was the only one who didn't run off right away. The following pic is the only one that you can actually see the rack in.

This morning, on SR Road, right before High Road, I came around a turn and was heading uphill (that is why it's called High Road, it runs along top a mountain). There was a mom and two young ones in the road. It was rainy and mom wasn't sure which way to take those kids so they walked up the road in front of me for awhile. I took three pics and a video. I have to talk to my daughter about how to cover up the sound before I share the video. I will cover it with the song that was playing. I was talking and it sounds horrible. LOL I feel bad for the little ones, I scared them a little, they both stumbled and almost fell.

Before I go on, I have to say, I hate hurricane season. My wrists and sinuses hurt awful bad. Last night, my space bar decided to start being difficult. It's like dirt or food got in it. But I sit in bed and definitely don't eat around it. My laptop does this, random buttons just don't want to work. The other day it was the 5. Anyway, I wish I had someone to type this for me. One, to keep the dumb shit out, two, make sure it makes sense, and three, to type for me when I hurt too much and the space bar requires hard thumb action :(

Now for Stella, played by Ruby Rose. Wikipedia rocks. She's a Pisces and she's hot. Another role model. Born in Australia. I've always wanted to go there. Not sure why though. One of the towns she lived in, is my surgeon's last name and remember, he has an accent. I've never paid much attention to that, an accent is an accent and hot. So I have no clue where he's from, maybe I will get to ask him Thursday when I go for my physical. But I do have a lot to tell him about my sickness, surgery and recovery. Ruby Rose has a Pisces and Capricorn tattoo mixed. I've been trying to talk Alex into giving me a Pisces symbol mixed with my Aquarius one that I have but he doesn't like the idea. I will have to show him hers to give him some inspiration.

My birth stone is garnet but I think Rubies are prettier. I hate getting flowers that are cut, unless I can smoke or eat it. They are dead and I have to watch them die for no reason....no thanks. And don't even think about giving me one to plant unless you are going to take care of it. I do not have a green thumb, I've tried plenty of times. Roses, I love pictures of them. Not sure why. Not sure why I just had to have this rose tattoo and it had to be my first. I just knew I had to have it. When I was asked if I wanted any thorns, I immediately said no but I had never even considered it. And not having any sounded perfect. Ruby Rose has some roses tattooed on her and they definitely don't have any thorns, they don't even have stems.

This morning, I cut my hair kind of like Stella's. It looked great till it dried. I have too curly hair and cohlicks, I have to fix it up a little before I get pics. And I need some beauty sleep first too. While I was cutting my hair, I remembered that way back in June, the night I hung out with Boston, he asked M how his hair looked. Said he cut it himself. But he didn't ask me. The licensed cosmetologist, teacher and barber who cut hair for a living for five years. No, he didn't look at me or ask me. He didn't see me and he still doesn't. So now I'm wondering, who the fuck is this guy talking to, why am I hearing it and how do I get rid of him?? I'm so sick of listening to him and he's getting in my way. Almost everyone I know had sex this weekend but me and that just ain't right. I'm as hot as Ruby Rose and I shouldn't be alone. Help me get this guy out of my way. I'm real sick of dreaming about him.

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