"Manic Monday"


"Good For You" is playing on Spotify for me right now. I make the list and play it when I get home, while I write. I found a dirty version of this song. Not sure how that happened but I Love the change. Now Britney is playing, one of my favs by her. I Love her music. My daughter loves this song too. It played while I was on my hippie friends road and continued playing as I pulled on to the next road. And guess what I saw??......

Oh yea, he was out again. This is the second time. He looked at me and shook his head a little and went back to eating his grass. He had what looked like a rope or leash hanging but the end was all frayed. My computer saved it as number 0797

"Same Old Love" played on Lucky Man Road. Cool.

I saw four deer in magic valley crossing the road, from left to right in front of me as I delivered the only paper I have down there for the winter. They were a little too far away, I couldn't tell if they were doe or buck, I am wearing my glasses, so I just counted four. I had the radio on scan.

On E road, where I saw the bear, I turned around and was delivering a paper when a cat came out of the bushes on the left in front of me. It looked like Sweetie, my daughter's bday cat, except it was really fat. It walked down the road in front of me for a little and ran down a driveway on the right. The radio was on scan again.

"Manic Monday" It's a tie, that and "Walk Like An Egyptian" are my two fav Bangles songs. I always loved them and hated Mondays. I worked 8-2 every Monday at Holiday Hair. I always got there at 8:05. I waited for my daughter's bus, then left. Pretty sure it pissed my boss off but she was mad 90% of the time anyway. She constantly preached about leaving our troubles at the door when we got to work but she was the one who was usually in a bad mood, taking it out on the rest of us because of her personal problems. I do not feel bad, for never telling her that I was thinking about going to barber school, that I signed up to go and was leaving. I walked out on her. She deserved it. I talked to her many times but she just wanted more money. She was a horrible boss.

I don't really feel too bad about the note I left her that made her cry either. She made me cry, stole clients from me and made me mad for four and a half years. And oh yea, I tried to transfer twice but she said she needed me and couldn't approve it. That's ok, I hate corporations anyway, I was happy to leave that Hell. I made a few good friends too, who are awesome, smart and seriously know Hair. They taught me a lot about Hair and dealing with humans, mostly......you can't please everyone.

I Love those women <3

I quit my job September 3, 2014. I skipped a lot of Mondays while in barber school, I was paying for it, why not?? I graduated Thursday, April 2, 2015, right before Easter

I've been having good Mondays for awhile now.

Sometimes they are Lucky too.

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