Red Light


If you're not on Facebook, I saw a huge red light shoot across the sky this morning while I was looking at Venus and Jupiter, looking for Mars. I was on E road, turning around, where I saw the first bear and the fat cat that looked like Sweetie. I never saw Mars but that red light appeared in the sky, it was huge and appeared to fly over those planets but it was much closer than they are. Then it disappeared again. Way cool. Wish I had my new phone to record it, this old one didn't catch it. Such a bummer. The light was oval shaped and appeared to have some yellow to it but I'm wearing my glasses again, maybe I was seeing things. It did make me think of a UFO and that it was coming to make a whole bunch of wishes come true so I didn't make one. For the moment, I'm looking forward to the future. We have an epic event going on. Did you know??

Mars, Jupiter and Venus are all in Virgo, which means I analyze. Mars is the men's hearts, Jupiter is luck and search for meaning, Venus is the women's hearts. Virgo is represented by The Hermit tarot card. We are also blessed with a Hunters Full Moon. The Moon represents our minds and is changing to Taurus around 6:07 am this morning. Taurus means I have and is represented by The Heirophant tarot card. The Heirophant card means wisdom, tradition, spiritual growth and divine law. The Hermit means contemplation, meditation, patience and planning. ❤️🌚

My birth chart says that I'm analyzing Mars and Jupiter and I have a Taurus Moon. Pretty cool. Especially since I had a huge revelation this morning. Though I feel a little dumb for not figuring it out before. I do know my Twin Flame's second Moon sign. Of course it's Capricorn. I Love the way Capricorns think not the way they act. They get me and why I do the things I do and they are good at answering the questions I get stuck on....without us ever hardly saying much to each other because they like to watch me 'dance'. And my Twin and I need that element to complete us. Now I have to figure out how to Know what his Venus is. Though I'm pretty sure my Twin is a Cancer Venus, The Chariot in Tarot, I don't know how to prove it. I know that I feel a lot of love and emotion for some one who wants to feel me. That's what Venus is for men, the way to get the most out of a relationship. And I'm very sensitive to touch. I feel what you feel just by looking at you, touching takes things to a whole other level for me.

Anyway, the young guy delivered my papers this morning. I didn't see him pull in so by the time I got my shoes on and got out of my car, he was gone. He was definitely avoiding me. I had a hard time finding any thing good on the radio this morning. I had it on scan so much, I was frustrated and didn't take enough notes. Don't you dare make fun of "Ice, Ice Baby"'s one the best one hit wonders ever. I saw that red light somewhere between 4:10 and 4:30 but the radio was on scan and I wasn't paying attention to the time. As I'm really good at. Who made up time anyway??

I listened to John Tesh a lot this morning. Great advice. Jeans should be worn about ten times before washing them. To keep them germ free, put them in a bag in the freezer over night. Way cool. I have a huge freezer. Therapy animals. They are proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure. I knew that, I love animals and have a bunch. Did you know that every one of my animals have come to me?? Even the dog I've had for thirteen years. Yea, she came to me when I lived in Texas and was pregnant with my soul mate daughter. And I saved that dog who follows my daughter everywhere. I named her after a heroine from a book I was reading at the time. Mina from The War of Souls trilogy. Not my usual type of book but I did really enjoy those three. I'd like to read them again some day, when I can afford to get them for my kindle.

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