2:53 pm

Woken up by a friend with green again. Life can be so lucky. I was smiling in my dreams, I wish I remembered them. I was hoping my phone had arrived also but not yet. It is coming from Mesquite, Texas. How cool is that?? I also got messaged by a guy I partied with years ago. I learned the hard way that it's best to be up front when you chill with guys. Sometimes they think it means more. So today, when he asked if we could talk, as it's been like 15 years, I let him know that I was cool with talking but that's all. I don't want to end up in the mess we got in last time. Some people really are just like me and think that when you show them interest, you actually do like them. It's awful hard being so friendly and caring. But I really just want to help others.

I've been thinking about my birth chart. Here is a copy of it with the planet symbols:

I haven't done anyone else's chart that is as unique as mine, not yet anyway. I have a major planet in each of the four quadrants. My Moon is in two of them and my Mars is in the public as a Virgo. I learned in beauty school that most people do see me as the Virgo, I have several Virgo twins here on Earth, good and evil. The Virgo is why most women are jealous of me. Virgos seem snotty but most of us aren't. Especially me, I have a Pisces heart, I'm full of Love. I'm not saying anything else about how I read these, I like learning new things and I want to know what you see. Don't forget that all three of my planets in Virgo, the tenth house, were in reverse when I was born.

I'm also happy because one of the reasons my blog disappeared is because they updated it. I can now make blog posts from my iPad and my phone, which makes me even more anxious for it to get here. Now I'm starving so I'm going to find some food.

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