I need you to Believe


I went to sleep upset. This blog or my computer deleted a blog post I made before I went out to deliver papers. It was up for a couple hours then it disappeared, was a blank page and tried to date it for Oct. 28, 1969. Crazy. I don't remember everything it said which is probably good. It disappeared for a reason right?? I do want to say that I need some computer help, I hope computer guy comes over soon like he said he would.

I also want to say that I have tried walking away from this person, the woman who knows how to read the stars. But the Universe won't let me. I went to barber school so I could start a new life but I didn't have much to learn, I had been doing most of it for the past five years. All my classmates and my teacher pushed me to learn it better and help them. My teacher was always having me analyze her dreams. She believed in me. Even my devil believed in that part of me. A player, dealer, Jamaican, believed in this shit. The day before I went to the ER, when my Taurus father visited, we talked about life and our family. But not about Boston, who was around. Before he left, my Taurus father said that he wanted to talk to me about what I believe in some day, when we had more time. Then, I was sick and bored so I offered some readings on Facebook. It wasn't the first time I offered but it was the first time anyone wanted one. And it wasn't just one person, it was about ten. They all told me to find a way to have them pay for it. So I made this website.

My first client and so far the first stranger, is a blonde woman. She's not happy with her husband and is looking for a man to replace him. She doesn't think she's strong enough on her own. But I'm trying to help her and her cards keep saying that there is someone there; if she leaves, he will show up.

And now I'm sad and wondering why I've lost everyone else's interest for now. No one else is asking me anything lately. Is it because they believe so they are out there living, enjoying life and waiting for me?? I hope so and I hope this tumor is what's holding me back. 6 days and hopefully I will stop waking up crying. I know I'm getting my new phone tomorrow, that will keep me happy and busy for a couple days.

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