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I was wrong about being able to do this blog from my new phone. They didn't add that feature yet, just for my iPad. I did a lot of scanning again this morning. Not much music. I heard "Glory Days" on my hippie friends road and as I was heading to High Road, "Come With Me (Fame)" played (https://youtu.be/BBovLT290lo). Spotify doesn't have that song. Interesting. Especially since "Unwritten" played immediately after....both playing along High Road. All of this morning's songs were my choice and I like them all.

I love my new phone. The radio told me that the blimp was still in Montour County, you know the one I live in. I made a note in my notes to find out what was in that thing again. From Magic Valley on, that's all the radio talked about. I know a lot about that blimp now. And it's still around. I wish I had gotten this new phone months ago, before I lost all my pics.

My papers were late again, about 3:30 this time. Not bad. It turned out pretty good, I was home just in time to give my daughter a ride to the bus stop and see her off to school in her costume. While I sat there waiting for my papers, I felt like I was me again. I haven't felt like me in awhile. I was sitting there thinking that I wanted to cut hair. I haven't wanted to in some time. I would have to go back and read my notes every day for at least two months. The last I remember, I was falling asleep thinking about Marilyn Monroe. I didn't just want to dream about her, I wanted to be her. I wrote a blog about her at some point and mentioned that I was looking for my Joe. Maybe that's when I was "dreaming" about her. And this morning, while the radio was scanning, I heard an awful lot about baseball.

I had stopped at Sunoco to get cigs for Blaine and I. A man who lives nearby and stops in there often walked in as I was leaving. I stayed and talked to him and the attendant for awhile. The girl working, she knows my best friend M and she had a teratoma on her ovary. She had to be cut like a c-section and was sick for eight weeks. I'm hoping for better for myself. The man, he was so happy to see me. He said he wondered if I was still alive and around. Told me his brother finally has his own place and of course we talked about green. The thing he said most that really sticks in my mind.....he was telling me how great the stuff is that he gets and said "who would want to go all the way to Colorado or California when it's right here?!?"

Hmmm....made me think about barber school again. My angel Tony for one. The second Tony who saved me. He joined day classes after a long time on nights, right after Christmas, the beginning of January. He wanted to finish up and move to Florida. He taught me how to draw shapes on the head with a Tattoo trimmer, most especially stars. He was the second to ask for his birth chart and begged almost daily till it was done. He helped me believe and keep believing because my devil almost beat me several times. I heard that Tony never moved to Florida and is working for another one of our classmates, Angel, down near Centralia. Angel is an angel but not mine. I want to find Tony, he owes me a haircut and I want at least one star shaved in my hair.

I also thought about one of my twins in barber school. We only talked three or four times but we knew. We were there to teach each other something. We are friends and keep in touch through Facebook but hardly ever talk. She is beautiful, smart and I love her. She is covered in tattoos and the one I love most, is our lesson for today.......

Across her chest it says "Grow Where You Are Planted"

While out there on the mountains this morning, I wished that everyone has a magical day. When I got home, Blaine was playing music and I danced. The song from BeetleJuice was playing, you know, the one at the end, where they all dance....LOVE IT

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