Happy Hallows' Eve


Yea, thirteen songs is all I got. I think it's pretty cool, I think thirteen is lucky and so are black cats. Have I mentioned how many black cats run across the road in front of me while I'm out delivering papers?? At least one every morning and I Love it. The playlist is great too, I was so happy to hear "When Doves Cry" twice. I just love that song, I guess because I'm out there with the animals every morning, wondering why I'm alone. I think it's my Virgo's unrealistic expectations.

I'm not sure if I was too lost in thought or if there were really that many commercials so the list is definitely all music I like. I wasn't going to write or make a playlist but the music is just too magical. I'm not even sure what I want to write about except that my life is magical too. I believe, I pay attention and I see it. I cleaned half my room when I got home. The worst part and now I have to wait for help to take apart the bed to move it. So far Blaine is liking the basement so I guess I'm staying here. I'm liking what I've done so far, writing this is much easier now. I moved my tv and took out the big coffee table. Wow....I haven't cleaned under that in years, it was so dusty.....no wonder I couldn't breathe. I can't wait to clean under this bed, it has not been touched since my Taurus father helped me put it in. I think it was like eight years ago. Yuck. It's a California King size water bed frame with a fitted, firm mattress. I was so excited when I bought this mattress. I was given the bed frame for free a couple years earlier. I was happy about that because I had one before but when I moved to Texas, my mom got rid of it. This one is almost exactly the same, my old one had a better mirror though. Then, when I could finally afford a fitted mattress, that was just awesome.

I could have gotten help a couple years ago when I had to fix it. I had gone to the bar with my best friend M and W. M convinced me to bring home a guy that I use to bring home some times. We had a thing for like five years but it was never serious, we never went on dates, just out drinking. Then cuddling or making out, if we didn't pass out first. Haha. Well, he broke my frame when he crawled in my bed and that jerk made me take him home without helping me fix it. I was so mad, I fixed it myself and now I don't even talk to the guy. I see him often, though now it's at places like Home Depot and Cole's Hardware instead of the bar. He still hasn't asked me on a date but I think he knows that I would say no now anyway. Not fix my bed when he's a carpenter!!! What an ass, right??

You do know where Hallows' Eve originated, right?? Most say Ireland as a festival for Summer's end. I Love being Irish.

Well, I guess that's all for today. I would like to get some rest. Cleaning really took a lot of my energy. I wish you all a magical day again.


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