?5pm I was excited to get my paper route done this morning, it's my last one for a few days. I was hoping I would finally get to use my new camera. And I did, just not for any cool animals but it's ok, I have a lot to share. "Hide Away" played along the river. I scanned to try and find something else but it was all commercials so I listened to it anyway. As I was listening, I was thinking about how much my daughter and I love Superman. He flys and he's an alien, of course he's cool. And then "E.T." came on, the same station, right after "Hide Away" and I was going up the mountain on a road with a name that really fits a superhero theme. I was getting really excited. This shit is so magical to me.

Then I got to hear INXS again. Which was followed by "Left Hand Free," which came on and played across high road. Hmmm....am I right?? Is my Superman a lefty?? I listened to that song in barber school, I really like it.

I was even more excited when i turned down the next road. It starts with a K and is the name of something I Loved when I was I kid. A fox ran across the road in front of me, so fast there was no time for a pic. I swear he was grinning....but then, they all look that way to me. Smart and sly. The one house I deliver to on that road, requested that I start throwing their paper on the porch about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It took awhile, I think a week, but I've learned how to throw it that far. I was super happy this morning, for the second time, I managed to land that paper on the railing. I'm so awesome. It's in a blue bag, see it??

A couple roads later, I turn onto SR Road again, at the other end of High Road, down in a valley. I have one paper delivery down there and they get their paper thrown on the porch also. And yea, I got that one to land on the railing also. It was pretty awesome, even though I usually aim for the bench on the porch and make it. I was pretty proud of where my fuck-up landed this morning. See the blue bag next to the edge and the top of the bench to the right??

I also found it really interesting that for two mornings in a row now, that house has left the barn door open all night.

Then, about 45 minutes later, I was going down UC Road when one of the black cats ran across the road in front of me. This time, it posed for me tho. I love when they do that.

I was super happy to hear "When Doves Cry" twice this morning. The second time, I heard it playing as I was heading down to Magic Valley. Half way through, at the only house I deliver to, the song ended and "Blurred Lines" played. I was a little disappointed that the rest of the morning, I was scanning a lot, hearing lots of commercials and talk. But I did record some announcers talking about growing Marijuana in their yard. And yea, I video recorded me driving while they talked. It was hilarious. When I got home and went over the playlist, I was happy with it and very interested in the fact that I only heard three more songs. Three really awesome songs. "Blurred Lines" makes me think of my Holiday Hair girls. "I Want to Know What Love Is" now and forever will make me think of Orange is the New Black and Lorna. She is sweet, kind, has an accent and she found her Superman while she was in jail. I Love that girl. "Shut Up and Dance," well, that's me. I have two moons, I'm walking the Moon, I'm here to wake people up. And I don't like to talk, I like to dance. As for Madonna, I've always idoled her and danced to her music. And my biggest dream is to live on an island with no snow and temps always over 77.

I napped, did some haircuts, visited my grandpa, then ran some errands. As I was in town, I wasn't happy. I was confused. Every where I went, Boston was there. Yea, all the guys looked like him and they all actually flirted with me for once. UGH Why?? But then I stopped at the pharmacy for something I have to take for my surgery and there was a new girl working. Her name, almost Zeva.....from NCIS. She even looks like a short version of her. How cool. And when I turned around, there was my bday boy. Oops, should I say man?? He is older. Yea, MD, the guy I met at Shooters, a long time ago, on our bday. We usually meet there every year and do at least one shot of tequila together. He's a bachelor and partier, an older, male version of me. Cool. He reads some of my Facebook but says I post too much LOL. I know. I can't help myself. He also said he would like to go along some time and see if he gets to see any cool animals. Cool.

Have I told you that I also share my bday with a really awesome little girl?? My Earth twin and bestest friend, had her on my bday, seven years ago. Her name is awesome and we barely talk but we love each other. She carries around one of my business cards and shows it to everyone. She's the best.

I'm so lucky because I'm kind and I care and I help. I have friends coming to see me tonight and probably for the next couple days. I'm glad I cleaned my room and locked the cats out. Haha I sure hope that after tomorrow, Boston stops haunting me. After all, I have accepted the woman I am, I'm embracing her, I'm not a fake....I'm as real as it gets and I Believe


wow....we might get to see the Northern Lights!!! Very Fucking Cool and not a coincidence. I told you things would change for everyone.

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