Have you seen my facebook, the barber one?? i'm getting more and more answers and proof that I am right about a lot. The celebreties are finding that me, the barber, so for now, that one is more important. We were lucky enough to not get much rain here, how about you?? It definitely affected me though. I was dizzy and couldn't stay awake most of the day. I had lots of dreams. Very vivid dreams. Some really strange and some just about life. I dreamed about W. He was in my living room talking to me. He seemed to take something from me, then he floated up to my window, they broke and he fell out, two stories down. Crazy. I text him about it. I don't know if he cares, believes or what he thinks. But it's what I do. I let people know when I dream about them, explain what it means and hope they get the message. It's hard for some to accept.

Just like I still can't believe I really did almost die. I've looked at my CAT scan again, it's not there, the swollen, massive fallopian tube. Not that I can see but I'm no professional. Maybe it's in between all the poop, I can't deny that I was full of it in the pics. HA. I'm just so glad that my surgeon knew something was up and insisited on operating on me. Maybe he just wanted to look at my tumor or my hot body but he still saved my life. I know that after surgery, he was all full of jokes about my garter tattoo. He really liked it and made me laugh. I can't wait to find him the perfect card. I've never liked sending or receiving cards, I feel it's a waste of paper. But not this time, he's my hero and I want to make sure he has it in writing. I'm excited and nervous for whatever is coming but I know it's going to be good for me. I believe in Love, I believe God is Love and I give Love. I feel something huge coming on, an awakening, an apocalypse, who knows for sure but it's defnitely going to be World changing. I'm Aquarius, I Know. And my daughter is going to be famous because she Loves me and was here for me. That's why I had her and she's here. She is Love and Loves everyone but I'm the only one she wants to Love her back. She is perfect and I hope she never sees me that sick again.

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