Yea, that's me. All I ever wanted was to be a mom and have a big family. Yet here I am, a single mom with a teenage daughter who has friends and a life. I have many careers and a big house. But I'm all alone and I wish I had died. I wanted to. I felt like I was dying of a broken heart. But then my surgeon saved me. Now, I still wish I did die. I blame it on W and Boston. What did they think "oh Carol hasn't had a boyfriend in so many years, she doesn't need our help, she doesn't need a dog, we can just keep pretending she doesn't exist until we need her money"??? That's how they've made me feel. They let me think I was getting a dog and a boyfriend but then they got caught up in drugs and the dream of chasing paper and forgot all about me. They couldn't even give me a dog. Now I'm forced to sit here alone while they enjoy the big families and more dogs than they can clean up after. Yea, I wish I died, I wish I could die. I'm so lonely it's not funny and I can't do a damn thing about it right now. My health is forcing me to stay right here and watch while they keep on living and chasing their next fix. I can not wait until Karma comes for them, obviously I'm going to get to watch and maybe then.....I might want to live again.

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