I love dealers when they are conscientious and care about their clients. You know, when they pay attention to what they are selling and who to. The ones who keep an eye out for their customers and don't let them go thru withdrawal?? Especially the unfortunate ones who are addicted to hard drugs. Yea, those are the best dealers and the only kind that I approve of. Except when it comes to heroine. That is the one drug that I will never approve of. Have you seen how addicting it is and how many people it has killed?? Yea....that shit needs to disappear. And yes, with everything I have been thru at 35 and everything my Universe tells me, I have the power to make it go away. But there are over seven billion people in the world, I need some help folks. All you have to do is believe, talk to people, make them feel good, don't ignore them and leave them feeling alone.

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