The Devil "Like I'm Gonna Lose You"


This morning, I was reminded and need to share. The biggest secret to finding true happiness, is knowing what Your Devil is and how to say no. If you can say no, you can do anything. You, me, we are all Magicians. The Magician in the tarot cards means "I am the master of my fate, captain of my soul." Get it??

I went back to sleep after my last post, thinking I really am going to sleep away as much of my life as possible right now. I'm really hurting. I woke up happy at first. W's sister visited me in my dreams. We hardly ever talk but we love each other and know each other, we are definitely soul mates. She was in my room, getting ready to leave while I laid in bed holding a baby. There was a male next to me, he felt young, very young. I didn't look over, I was too busy noticing her big smile and staring at the beautiful baby I was holding. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

But on the way to Bloomsburg, I bawled. I was so lonely again. Thankfully, as soon as I saw my friend B's face, I was immediately happy again. Seeing her made me feel why I liked her and wanted to be close to her. I only cut her hair once and we knew we wanted to keep in touch. I hate that it took us so long.....but everything happens for a reason, even she said so when I told her that. She had a coffee for me and one of her first questions was what route are we doing?? Holy shit.....she did this route in January. She rode with my boss, they had fun but also got stuck in the snow. They were helped out by the Daily Item girl, D. B and D rode together and delivered their papers together and are now best friends. D lived on Bald Top until a couple months ago and today is her daughter's bday. Yea, she's 13 and a Scorpio, just like my daughter. D wants to ride with us Sunday morning for a ride down memory lane. And after all, it sure seems like the three of us are soul mates, B, C and D.

So magical and I'm not done. B played DJ when we weren't talking, which wasn't much. Obvioulsy, we only have seven songs on today's Spotify playlist. (You should definitely listen and see what the message is for you). I did B's birth chart for her a couple days ago, she asked. I was extremely excited and shocked. I finally found some one else whose first house is a fire sign. And I'm still shocked about the rest. We have every single planet in the same sign except our moons. The rest is exactly the same, except that she was born an Aries, me a Sag.. Of course it's this way, she was born exactly 8 days after me. It turns out that we are opposties in a way. She is the same on the outside as me inside and I'm the same on the outside as she inside. Yea, we are soul mates. We have so much in common. For one, she likes to give gifts. I'm never going to let anyone make me feel bad about sharing again. There's nothing wrong with it, sharing is caring and what you give, you get. It's all about Karma.

B and I believe in magic and dreams. We love music, a lot of the same songs and the stories they tell. We both read tarot cards and she wants to learn how to do and read birth charts. Good thing I'm a teacher and wrote a book on that, huh?? She thinks my nightmares aren't scary and I should embrace them. And yea, I told her the story behind them. She agrees that I shouldn't be friends with people who don't believe tho. The best and most significant thing, her son's birthday is May 16. That date and May 17 are very important to her. So much so, that she uses 517 as a lucky number.


Coincidences in my world mean something important and big. So yea, I'm smiling again. I believe in my dreams, I've always been able to make my dreams come true and my dreams about Boston are so vivid, real and happy that I can't accept them as just dreams. He should be with his best friend anyway, right?? And if they were paying attention those six months I worked with them, they would know that I can help them build a new life.


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