"Heart of Gold"


According to my dream book, my friend visiting me in my dream means that she is thinking about me. And of course, since she was smiling, she is thinking positive thoughts for me. To dream of a baby means that a situation I'm working on will work out to my satisfaction and a happy baby means I will have the courage to make a romantic move correctly and I will get what I need. To dream of a young male means that my plans of love will work out in a surprising way.

Some one wants to know why I called Boston a coward. Boston thought of every thing, even death but didn't talk to me. I showed Boston how classy, lucky and awesome I am. My uncle bought their green twice that night. I didn't run to the bar after being stood up, I stayed with my friends. My uncle even bought me more liquor, remember?? I was nothing but nice to Boston, showed them how lucky I am and I went home alone. But I wasn't even worth talking to. Boston wanted pity while I was the one dying for real. They told me they were afraid, not that they were in love. So of course I called them a coward. And I'm proving I'm right with Magic, well sort of, I'm pretty sure I've been working on it since I danced in my mom's bar to "Old Time Rock N Roll" when I was in kindergarten.

"Champagne Supernova"

"Stay" Rihanna

This morning, I was almost on my hippie friend's road when Tool came on. Soundhound has been telling me Tool is an unknown artist and won't give me the song for my playlist. Since I was almost on my hippie friend's road, I crossed my fingers and hit search. SoundHound finally recognized a Tool song. Awesome. And it's one of my favorite ones. That song played on her road and on my way up the mountain to High road. The same station played "Misty Mountain Hop" as I went across High Road. I was listening to "What it Takes" as I was finishing my route but SoundHound told me it was "Hole In My Soul" which I don't rememeber ever hearing before but I like it. Strange, one of my high school best friends loves Aerosmith. He called me one night, I believe when I was 17 and needed a ride immediately to an Aerosmith concert. I didn't have to pay a thing. Thankfully my mom let me leave. I had an awesome time. My friend just moved South and got married. Congrats T!!! (the playlist is on Spotify, I love this morning's playlist. Some new songs and some old, in a beautiul story)

The last song, wow, you won't believe this story. When I was 17, I was with the guy who took my virginity.Yea, I waited till 17 and still wish I had waited longer. His dad drove us and his mom to see his sister in Erie one weekend. We were offered tickets to go see Dio. I had neer heard of them but apparently they were kind of famous. I enjoyed the music that night but I didn't have a very good time because I had an awful headache. I sat most of the night. I stayed.....because how often do you get to see someone famous in a dingy, dirty fire hall in the middle of nowhere, when you are hours away from home??

Yea, I'm lucky. Damn, I've been to a lot of concerts. Have I talked about Woodstock '99 yet?? I don't think so. I will have to think and dream about it so I can tell you all about it. It was pretty awesome and magical. I'm never letting anyone get in the way of what I want again. Carol gets what Carol wants. Just by wanting it. And I've wanted a dog for over a year now.

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