"Come Together"


My playlist started with the Beatles but Spotify does not have them, not yet anyway. So I put Aerosmith in honor of my friend T getting married. Congrats again T, I hope it's everything you want.

I am trying to memorize the mythical creatures. I know the key words, elements, even physical traits of each sign but I'm having a tough time getting those mythical ones down. The Great White song makes me think of vampires, the Scorpios. And Zombies are Aries. My Eros (the asteroid representing Love) is in Aries, key words I Am. "All My Love" was one of the songs I requested of three when I called 97.9 one night working at Mobil. When it was across from the Aamoco with the Subway. T and our friend M worked there also. M, the one who drew my "tramp stamp" and lives down the road, T the one who just got married. We got a box of goodies, I still have the keychain with the can opener somewhere. I taped the three songs on a cassette and it's here somewhere too. The last song I requested was "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit. I got to see them play at Woodstock '99. There were lots of glass bottles thrown around, I put my hands over my head and hoped I didn't get hit....I wasn't. I'm trying to remember the other song, can't yet but when I do, I will remember which one played first.

I'm chosing what to listen to from now on and yes, I like an AC/DC song....I love Rock N Roll. And I'm looking for a werewolf, a Taurus. Hmm...."Champagne Supernova" played immediately after, starting on Sunset and all the way across High Road <3

"Simply Irresistible" played through Magical Valley, I loved that song back when I made my own music cassette tapes. Obviously I'm in love with "Same Old Love".....I think it's hot. "Riptide" I loved in barber school. I want to be some one's left hand 'man' because I love to drive and I'm good with direction. I really need some one who can read me a map and tell me to go right or left. Of course, I've been living on a high shelf, on this mountain but I Know my worth and I deserve some one who will stay. And of course, once again, I Love Rock N Roll.

The last song makes me think of my daughter. She is on Facebook, no pictures of herself and her name contains Phoenix, not her real name. I took a nap and ended up leaving late to do my papers, I didn't think I would get home in time to see her off to school.....but of course I did.

Twenty days since surgery. I'm feeling better mentally, I Know I Have My mind and I'm Thinking with it. I'm trying to sleep through the physical pain but work keeps calling, which is ok with me

P.S. I did have two riders with me yesterday, for the "Ride Wit Me" playlist <3

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