"Down In A Hole"


I listened to that song a lot when I lived in Bloomsburg, with that stereo I still had from Christmas three years earlier. It was the first song that spoke to me and made me listen. I didn't pay much attention when scan was on. I probably skipped a lot of good songs. "Blurry" did not play, I was listening to "She Hates Me," SoundHound said it was "Blurry." "Pumped Up Kicks" makes me think of my devil, for several reasons. I heard "Better Man" and I hate that song. It's probably why I don't like Pearl Jam at all. There are over seven billion people in the World, if you can't find a better man, you're looking in the wrong places. There are plenty of fish in the sea and according to my truly happy couple friends who have magic, all you have to do is what you love, love your self and love will find you. They have told me their stories, how they met, how they knew, I believe them. If you like tennis, go play tennis. You like hiking, go do it. If you like hanging out with friends and getting high, go do it. Expand your circle, do what you love and never stop loving your self. Oh and let that good fish go so they can find true happiness also. It's all about paying it forward, do good and good will come to you. If you believe in your dreams and they are magic, just imagine how much better it would be if you made them real. And you can start today, every single day is a chance to start over and go for the silver and gold.

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