Bubble Gum


Bubble Gum for the flavored paper this morning, the pink Bubble Yum shirt I found at the SalVal and because my daughter has my iPad at the moment. Which means I didn't make my Spotify playlist yet nor do I feel like getting up and getting my phone at the moment. Also, I rolled a real good one this morning and I'm bummed that the package I sent my friend who is away, has been sent back. Last I heard, he recieved official sentencing and was most likely moving. I'm hoping he doesn't go to a real bad one and keeps his good luck.

How do you get what you want?? Easy, you think about it and pay attention to the signs. I've been thinking about getting a dog for over a year and a half now. It started with, I'm a cat lady, I don't know much about dog breeds, I've been allergic to most of the ones I've been around. Well I kept thinking about it and sure enough, the Universe gave me lots of Pit Bulls. We have the singer who plays my favorite music, dance and his are really fucking awesome. He's not that good looking to me but I sure do love his voice. It makes me melt. Anyway, the dogs I've met for real, mostly Pit Bulls. They've all loved me and none of them have made me itch. Then we have Facebook. I was wondering how a new dog, a Pit especially, would treat my daughter's dog. After all, I want a dog to protect me and my daughter, which includes her dog. Did you see the post I made about the Pit and the Chihuahua being saved?? Apparently it will go very well. My favorite though is the one I've seen three or four times with the girl at the ATM and two Pits. Although those two are a little too ferocious looking for me (I think it was doctored anyway) I do love the neon green.....or chartreuse.

And yea, most of my delivery route, I wished I had a dog with me. I was at my new friend B's before going out there, playing with her two dogs. One, a female version of Max. A dog would listen, not bitch about the music, make me smile and most of all protect me. And of course I thought about Max, the last anyone told me, he still belonged to Boston. I was never told that Max was available but EVERYONE knew I wanted him. Most of all his owner, the night I met Max, I showed him how good Max was for me and told him I wanted Max if he ever got rid of Max, all before posting a pic of Max on Facebook and telling the whole World how much I loved that dog. And then I found out on Facebook that Max belongs to W

:( Thanks for breaking my heart again Facebook. That's the third time this year so hopefully the last, right??

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