"Roots" con't.

11:38pm I'm not obsessing. My new friend B gave me a book to read, insisted it would help me. My Taurus cousin M said she remembered it, it was really good and I should definitely read it. "Good In Bed" by Jennifer Weiner. It's about her getting over her ex, Bruce. And yea, the name is on just about every page. And let's not forget that I ran into one of Boston's twins at Sunoco, the one with the diamond nose ring and same first name. Yea....my universe is forcing me to think about it. Why?? Well Boston told several people he'd like to fuck me.....and that's all he saw. But we all know he's still around, keeps coming back and that one day he's going to care. I had to make a decision and be sure that it's what I want. And I did, I let my real friends save me and I started a new life, on my own, because I'm awesome like that. And when bad things happen to good people like me, it's to make room for way better.

How is everyone enjoying the rain?? Me personally, I'm glad it's not snow. I still need two new tires :(

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