Sage Cleanse


I've exhausted myself since I've been up. I visited friends, delivered papers and then came home and did some dishes, laundry and showered. I'm still a bit at a loss for words. Everyone I talked to, the convo's were about different Bruces, drug addictions and what's going to happen to the World. I don't think it's going to be too awful, like an apocalypse or Yellowstone erupting but the government is up to something and I definitely believe in 'aliens.' I definitely believe that there is more going on than we are aware of. Seriously, look what's happened to me and hardly anyone knows much of it at all. How much do you really pay attention to??

I write this blog for me, it makes me feel better and I share so that if anyone does care, they can read it and I won't have to talk about it. I'd rather talk about life and what's really going on. I feel like I'm waiting for something, something big. My ride along this moring was my male cousin Taurus. We smoked, talked about life and never turned on the radio. I had fun, I was definitely glad to have help, the papers were big, as they are sometimes on Thursdays. It was nice to not have to talk about relationships, that's for sure. We just talked about life and deer. We saw lots of doe with two little ones but not many buck. I also started saging my house before my daughter left for school, she was not happy. She thinks it stinks. Ha. I like it at first but the scent after an hour does reek so now I'm buring some incense. And yea, I saged myself first, for the second time. I saged myself the other night also. It really does make me feel better. It's seems as though a huge weight is being lifted from me. You should try it.

P.S. As for the name Bruce, I don't believe it has ever once come out of my mouth. EVER.....But of all the Bruce's I've gotten to 'know,' I definitely think my name meaning book has to be changed. Not a one of them lives up to it's expectations and Blaine still needs a meaning. If I remember correctly, Blaine fits a lot of it and they do start and end with the same letters. I'm going to get the book out and take some notes.

I'm happy to report that the only drug I'm addicted to is cigarettes (and quite possibly DD's ice is made with Danville water). Weed comes from a seed, it's natural. Cigarettes, omg, have you seen the chemicals in them these days and the price?? Why the fuck am I still smoking them?? Thankfully, this morning, my Taurus cousin told me how he quit them and some of those things are going to work for me, when I have the strength. Can't wait.

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