9:03pm I've been wanting to talk about being set up. I don't like it. I hate when people try to do it. I usually come up with any excuse I can not to go for it. Even my best friend twin, C, she is sneaky about it, she invites guys along with us and doesn't tell me. I get really mad. No one seems to know me very well and the guys people try to set me up with, ugh. Not at all my type. Except M, I let her set me up once. J.H., the one who thinks he's Superman. He was an asshole but he taught me how to cook and he made me laugh. I put up with him till he decided that he didn't want more kids. I literally walked away from him the night he told me. We fought and had huge problems for about a month. He caused M and I not to talk for about two years. Yea, he was an asshole. I still can't believe I invited him here last winter and was thinking about giving him another chance. I'm glad we didn't go for it. He broke my heart once, why give him a chance to do it again??

I want it to be magical, like with Home Depot. You know why I call him that, right?? We met there. I went to look at fridges, my mom was buying me one online and I had to see them in person, that's a huge purchase. I checked them out, took some pics, turned around to leave and there he was, asking if I needed help. He looked like a Virgo and had a beard that made me want to puke but there was something about his energy, I wanted to get to know him. We ended up over at the big computer, looking at more options. I got another pic, just in case, then he helped me look for a vacuum cleaner belt for my grandpa. No luck there, my list was done but I didn't want to say goodbye yet. I was worried that it might just be me, when he reached in his pocket, handed me a business card and told me he was on Facebook. I walked out of that store very happy. It's great to meet some one that way, it happens to me all the time and it's how I want it to be. I don't want to be talked into meeting someone and spending time with them. I just want to let it happen.

Like tonight. I slept way too long. I was hurting real bad this morning, passed out and slept almost eleven hours. Oh wow. I feel better now but still hurting. Damn. Anyway, being that it was now 8:30 and my belly was growling, I ordered Domino's. They won't come up the driveway so you have to sit by the mailboxes to meet them. I was down there waiting when a cop drove by, slowed down and backed up. Damn, I was high, I didn't want to talk to a cop. Well, I was so surprised and very excited to see J. I cut his hair when I worked at Holiday Hair, he was working for Scott Township, I was surprised to see him in a Mahoning Twp. car. And damn is he sexy (gorgeous brown eyes and smile) especially in uniform. I was thinking I was so damn lucky, I just saw him at WalMart the other day. And he's super nice, he just wanted to make sure I was ok and said Domino's sounded good. Damn....I wish I had had the guts to offer him some. Maybe next time, right??

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