"Pardon Me"

5:59 am

Hmmm.....feeling different today. Yesterday I forced myself to stay awake all day and sleep last night. So now I'm on a day schedule, I hope. I was stiff and sore when I first woke but now I feel different. I think better. I definitely haven't cried much. I'm glad I have new tires now, my paper route was done quick this morning even tho it's raining out. Sorry it's not snow. I'm not feeling much holiday spirit this year. I didn't put a tree up, my kid doesn't care, we might not. What's the point of one anyway??

I've been watching Z Nation and I have to tell you that I Love it. It's funny, I've genuinely laughed my ass off at this show and at the same time, I've wanted to puke at how gory it is. I'm totally addicted. I don't know who I like most, the bad ass female leader, the crazy Murphy or the funny old man Doc. Shit, they are all cool, you should check it out

Most of all I want to say that I'm tired of the married boys, the creeps, the dirt bags.....all the idiots who want me. I want a relationship, I'm a good woman and I want to meet a real and honest, available man who is ready to be ALL MINE

And it would be great if he had a dog to stay with me when he can't cause I'm not changing, I don't take my time......it's ALL OR NOTHING

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