"Manic Monday"

5:47 am

I'm finally learning how to block Boston and am realizing why I've been forced to think about him. I really never did want the guy but I have this connection and I've been confused. Yea, I was willing to give him a place to stay and take a chance with him, if he ever had the balls to leave his wife. Even tho I knew a lot of dirty, bad, bad things about this guy. Like the things he did to try and make his wife divorce him. All this time, I thought he was scared because he had nowhere to go. So yea, I offered my home. Then I realized he really was afraid to leave her, he even told me so himself.

And she knows he's cheated on her, she even thinks I've had sex with him. That's why I washed my car in my bikini in front of her, I was hoping she'd keep him away from here. She's kicked him out many times and one of these days she will for good. And where's he going to be?? Sitting next door looking at my house wishing he had grown some balls and talked to me a long time ago. Perhaps back in February when he first thought about it and almost walked across the driveway to talk to me and get to know me. Now, I see that this guy has no idea that women are smarter and he obviously has no idea that I knew so much about him and put as much thought into it as I have. In fact, he seems to think I'm too stupid to know what kind of person he is and just what he's capable of. Which means he would only try to pull the same shit on me, right?? Plus I think it's pretty sad how low he's willing to go in order to get the wife to leave him instead of just manning up and leaving her. And let's be honest, I know too much now and I deserve so much better.

Yea, I've been forced to think about it too much and for way too long because I'm all alone. And I've decided to stick with what I said back in February.....Boston can go be a man on his own and learn to take care of him self before he ever thinks about knocking on my door again.

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