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I don't like tastykakes or any 'desert' that comes preserved to last??? Ummm....how long?!? Anyway, it does make me think of several things. For one, Tallahassee, Woody Harrelson's character in Zombieland. Love that movie and he is my fav character. It also makes me think of the Tastykake guy. Why am I thinking about him?? When I woke up this morning, my toilet was clogged :(( Damn teenagers. And the plunger is in the basement bathroom 😞

I waited and used Sunoco's toilet when I got gas. And when I was done with my papers, I had to pee so bad, I stopped at Sunoco to use the toilet again. As I stood there waiting my turn, I chatted with the Middlesworth guy. Remember, I worked there four years, it's the same guy. He's from New York and is a very nice man. On my way home tho, I was thinking about Tastykake and the night he came in drunk to use the toilet. He clogged it, cleaned it up, laughing at himself and then hitting on me after. Gross

I didn't mind working third at the time, I was in school and I could work more hours at night. A was a funny and good looking guy. He knew it and was a dog. He took advantage of his job and cheated on his wife offen. Except when I was around. He wouldn't stop staring at me or trying to touch me. It was like no one else existed for him when I was around but maybe that's why I liked him. I thought he was gross but some days I flirted with him anyway. He was a decent guy other than the cheating and we did have to work with each other.

Many years later, I was working at Holiday Hair and on my days off, I would put my kid on the bus and head to the grocery store. This became a hassle. I was running into Tastykake. Who swore he was separated from the wife, sleeping on the couch and was cornering me. I wasn't working anymore, I was a customer. I would avoid going to town in the morning for months at a time.

Of course I would forget and go for groceries one morning. I'm never going to forget the last time I saw A tho. He informed me that he was selling the Tastykake business and looking for his own place to live. Somehow, as I was telling the guy that he's never getting this, he managed to get me to spit out some very vague directions to my house. Literally....."miles up the hill, shared driveway on the right, only house" I was visibly furious, told him that he was an ass and he better not show up. So you can imagine my surprise when an hour later, as I'm putting my groceries away.....A is knocking on my door 😮

I'm so shocked at first that I engaged in polite talk and tried to coax him into telling me why he's here. Five minutes in, he's rubbing my arm and leaning in for a kiss. I pushed him away, told him that he should know by now that I'm not that kind of girl and made him leave. I think I told him when he had his own place, he could look me up. But, I'm not sure why.....I didn't like him that much. But then, when faced with the thought of never seeing him again, part of me was compelled to let him know where to find me. I believe that if you really love some one, you would't cheat. True love wouldn't allow it. He was funny, always staring in my eyes and he treated me like a smart, decent human being and obviously he was not in love with his wife. I'd give him a chance, if he's single, wonder if he ever will come back??

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