"The Little Things" Wanted Sdtrk.

?5:45 am

"The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time." -David Bowie

Good man. I hope I can meet him

And very true words. I think it sums up my beliefs and why I'm here. I want to change my future. I believe I can. I believe I'm living in a memory and that I should be able to go to sleep and wake up in the future. And I want to wake up in a year or two from now. I've been in Hell for the past six months and I can't leave. I'm stuck in this memory of me and what I've been through. Why?!??

I'm pretty sure it's because of Boston. See, I'm still wanting to die, especially at night. I'm depressed, yes, I admit that.....but I'm not the one who wants to die. Some one is making me think about ways of taking my life. I've never felt this low and I don't want to feel this way

So, Boston......believe or not, like it or not, as long as you think about me, I can't move on. I am an empath, you touched me now I feel everything you feel. And since you obviously don't want to be with me, how about you forget about me so I can find happiness???

You don't like your life.....then think about yourself and do what you need to make yourself happy. Just pretend like I don't exist. You are in my way and I want out of here.

Please, accept that it is what it is and go fucking live

P.S. I can read your birth chart wheel and tell you what signs your Twin Flame's Sun, Moon and Mars are in. Some times I can even tell you what sign their Venus is. And my wheel, I've studied it so much, I know that what I have on my main blog page is definitely what my Twin Flame is. Last week, I went over it again and wrote out my Twin Flame's wheel again. And even though it's been over six months, once again, this one looked like what I remember Boston's looking like. I left it sit for a couple days but I've been wanting to die since, so yea, I ripped this one up, threw it in the garbage and spit on it too. I don't want someone who makes me want to die

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