"Bad Blood"


I was asked why I don't care about Boston's wife again. First of all, have you seen her?? He must have been really trashed the night they hooked up. I often wonder how he can look at that face every day and has for what, five/six years?? Idk I don't care. Have you looked at his Facebook?? Oh, that's right, you don't know who he is. Well, when I looked way back in June, he didn't have any pictures of her on there. Five plus years and not one pic of her on there. None with her and the kid, none with her and him, not a single one of her. HMMM.... She looks like the girl who will do anything to keep a pretty boy like him. Anything. Sure, we can never prove it but I just bet she tricked him into marrying her. Obviously she has no common sense tho, a dealer is always a dealer. No one is changing that. And how about the fact that she's been telling everyone that he's a loser, she can do better and he won't have sex with her. So seriously, why is she still hanging on?? And how about her using the kid as a weapon?? Yea, not cool in my World so I don't like her. Go ahead and tell her, I'm not scared. I'm still injured but I will kick her ass if she wants to fight, that's what friends do, they stand up for each other. Yea, I still fucking care, obviously. Especially when she's making him want to kill himself and she knows it. Does she really want him to die?? He did say that he was afraid to leave her, so maybe she's the psycho one, not me, huh?!?

Anyway, if you didn't notice from that last blog, I'm feeling better today. I was real bad last night. I had my death planned and fell asleep with a smile. But this is my World and I affect the weather......I woke up to snow and my plan was not going to happen. Then I finally decided to go ahead and flirt with that really hot 19 year old who likes me. Why not?!? He's gorgeous. Dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful tattoos and just the right amount of muscle. And when we talk, I forget he's that young. Plus, I think he looks about 23/24, same as me, so it's not obvious. I was at his work and asked if they had a band aid, I cut my thumb sharpening my knife. He was so sweet. He looked and looked and then profusely apologized for not finding any. Wow did this kid rack up some major points. From that and the fact that he's very respectful and full of smiles for me. He even tried to touch my fingers and look at my cut but I pulled away. I'm not ready for touching. Especially when I just met the kid, I've known him a week or two, definitely not long enough and I need to be sure I'm ok with him being closer to my kids age than mine. Ha

But then again, thinking about it feels weird. He's a Cancer and I really do like them but I'm pretty sure my Twin Flame has Cancer in Venus, not his Sun. Venus is how to get the most in relationships, Cancer is I Feel. So that would make him just as hypersensitive as me. And that, I've never been naked with some one who feels things like I do and I really want to be. I bet we would have so much fun

And once again, I open Facebook while wating and get this.....(I just love how everything fits)

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