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11:17 pm

I have to start off with saying that I was wrong about that Cancer boy. I was sober, exhausted and not ok. But look at those posts, I'm proud of myself....except that this guys moon is Cancer, not his sun, that's Aries. Arrogant Aries. I don't like them so much. They make great friends but that's it for me. Aries means I Am. Me, I am a good luck charm, I bring people luck all the time. With everything, most especially love because my Eros is in Aries, I am Love. I never knew why I was unlucky at choosing the right guy. I literally just remembered though, 10:18 pm. I had it figured out once or twice when I was in barber school but I was depressed and dying so I forgot. I've been so unlucky in love because I had to wait for my man to be a man. Duh, I like younger guys, always have and now I keep meeting younger guys, lots of them. And of course I have to wait for him to find me but I've been waiting since I kicked PW out, was it four or five years now??

And of course I had to make sure I raised my daughter with lots of attention. She's thirteen now, still not boy crazy like her mom and will never feel the pain of a heartache as many times as I have. Not only did I teach her, she saw first hand how much I hurt. She's the only one who has been here through it all.

I'm also proud to say that I have finally accepted that I had to go through all this alone. I've been pretty lucky my whole life, I'm a spoiled brat. I had to earn my true love somehow.

And I know my Twin Flame has Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter is luck. I'm His good luck charm. Yea, he's lucky, really fucking lucky. And everyone knows it but him. He's been living in Hell for so long, he forgot. But he's starting to remember and he will be on his way here soon

Oh, and he definitely has a Taurus Sun, there are just way too many of them in my life today and I love them

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