"Lust For Life" Iggy Pop

7:05 am

"Kokomo" made me want to dance, I tried to in my seat while driving and I smiled so hard I didn't really listen to the radio after that song. And it played while I was going through the area I call Magic Valley. Why is this called "Lust For Life"?? That song inspired "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and I love both songs. My lust for life is Love and I keep mentioning that my Eros is Aries and I Am Love. Have you found this yet.....

I have it posted a few places. I'm a cupid and Karma is my best friend. My Mars is in Virgo. Mars is motivation and the man's heart; Virgo is I Analyze. Along with Mars, I also have Jupiter, Saturn and Lilith in Virgo. Jupiter is luck and search for meaning. So I'm a psychic, a prophet, a witch, a freak; whatever works for you. Saturn is how we understand others: I'm a wallflower. Lilith is inhibitions, the dark side of the Moon: I see your restraints and obstacles. And then I have Pluto in Libra: I Balance Transformation. So if you've met me, you know what's coming. If you've been through Hell, you're about to meet Heaven. If life has been good, be prepared for a shit storm; I bring True Love and you really have one Hell of ride to get that (you can make it; Believe In Yourself, Believe There Is Good In The World and stay positive)

I've been working in the public since I was 15; that's almost 21 years of working in the public. I've met an awful lot of people and this Cupid is running out of Love. All she wants is some one to talk to and kiss. Many years ago, her Taurus father told her that her dreams would come true and the right man for her would knock on her door one day so she should stop stressing over it. But not many people know where I live, not yet anyway and I've spent way too much time sick in this bed alone, I can't help thinking about it, it's all I want

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