"Walking On a Dream"

7:47 pm

Yea, I let guys sleep in my bed. It doesn't mean I have sex with them. Hell, most of them are gay and we don't touch. Except my BF from high school, JS, the Taurus. We cuddle and hug, we're really close. We even kind of made out once when we were 14 or 15. Ok, I admit, we were trashed and our Cancer friend AJ was with us too. Oh yea, I was kissing two boys at once but it didn't feel right (I was still a virgin) so I made them stop, ran outside and puked. Then I smoked weed for the first time, out of a soda can. Then I puked some more. What a night that was, epic and unforgettable. I haven't talked about AJ much because he lives in Vegas now and is making himself famous and he likes his privacy. But.....Boston should hear his story, afterall, the new AJ in my life is his twin, only younger and Boston's story is so similar to my high school AJ, it would make him feel a whole lot better about what he's going thru. But he thinks I'm nuts so I can't talk to him

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