Final Destination 2

6:46 am

I want to first mention that I fell asleep last night after watching that movie, no alarm, dressed to go out and thankfully woke up in time for my papers. I was starting to remember my dreams but realized it was dark and I should probably be delivering papers, I literally jumped awake. It was only a little after two so I took my time waking up and getting ready. I went for smokes and talked to my friend for a little while then went to Dunkin for my coffee. You will never believe who was pulling out as I was pulling in, yea, my 'best friend' M. We are not friends at the moment but I'm sure she knows by now that I was never mad at her, she was only trying to help. One day soon we will be talking again. And I'm not emotional or bothered that she was out with a car full of people, I'm only telling you because......Fate, Destiny, Karma, whatever, lets me see everything. I don't want you to forget that, you can't hide anything from me.

Just like I can't die. I've faced death a bunch of times, I'm going to write a story on all them so that I can count. I bet it's seven, or almost, that's how many gates are in Hell, right?? I've never had the best memory, then I was sick for at least a year, ready to die several times and almost did. Now I'm letting the Universe and cable tv give me my memories; one movie, one song, one moment at a time. My high school AJ and I had a brush with death or was it two?? I've been hearing his voice "C'mon Carol, you have lots of great stories about me. I'm sick of hearing about Boston, talk about me." Yea, AJ is the only person who said they wanted to read my blog and I know he does, even though we haven't talked, he loves my stories and misses me.

AJ Cook stars in this movie and that gave me inspiration. How about the last few months we spent together before he moved to Vegas?? He lived with me and I was thinking, did I go to school that summer?? I worked at Friendly's as a prep cook for a few hours, four mornings a week and at Sunoco for three or four eight hour shifts. Oh how can I forget, I was driving my neon, I loved that car and have many stories to tell about adventures in that car. Like the night AJ almost wrecked us and the night he lost my original key. Yea, I remember that. I was sitting at the bar, he was going for a ride to the ATM with someone and took my keys so he could grab his wallet out of my car. When they got back, my keys were gone. WTF AJ?? They were on a lanyard thing that was over a foot long and had a decent sized pic of my kid and a memory stick with reports on it, one that was almost done and due within the week. Turns out I never saved it anywhere else and had to start over. I worried for weeks that some one would steal my car, too many people know me and my car. But the car was never stolen and the keys were never found.

The best story is the night we cuddled to call our high school friend T who was staying in Riverside with his mom. AJ slept in my bed often, I wasn't home much and it's big enough for four comfortably, more if you really want. I'm good on two. Anyway, no one answered so we left a message then talked about having sex. Afterall, we had crushes on each other at different times and never kissed again after that wild party. We fell asleep cuddling and never kissed. We were woken up by a call from T begging to know if we had sex LMAO

We never hung up the phone, left T a long message that ended in the middle of whether to get naked or not. HAHA It was great to have something over T for once but I don't think we kept him in suspense for too long. SO why does AJ Cook remind of this summer?? Well AJ didn't work, he cooked. I was a single mom, food was way cheaper and the government gave way more in food stamps than needed.....we ate like kings. Till the week before we could get more, then AJ taught me how to take a bunch of stuff and a make an awesome meal out of 'nothing.'

Sometimes I wonder what if we did kiss and have sex?? What if he stayed and it worked out?? Then I see how happy he is, living his dreams, playing music and living in the city. I'm glad we stayed friends and I can't wait to see him

Besides, the last song I heard today, makes me think about Home Depot, Centralia and how I knew that my Twin Flame was in Hell and it was time to save him. But today is all about high school AJ who does not have his bday on Facebook so I can't see what he is but I just know he has some Aries in him, he's got just the right arrogance to make it out there in Vegas. Maybe his Mars??

7:59 am

I hope AJ likes the playlist today. I'm pretty sure the Universe played for us. Call me crazy but I still believe that I was Marilyn and now I believe that my high school AJ was Joe

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