"Waiting For Superman"

6:49 pm

I can feel the suspense, what is with Centralia?? Have you looked it up?? My daughter found videos on it and was obsessed. She begged to go and we went looking for graffiti road once while I was in barber school. Some of my classmates lived down that way and I thought I could find it. But we couldn't. Then I met Home Depot, the day after I graduated. That's right, the very day after I saw my devil for the last time. It was tough, I was very attracted to this guy and he was one of the best kissers ever. But he didn't like to talk much, definitely not about astrology and I hated his beard. Oh, I really hated it. But I tried to pretend it wasn't there.

The first time Home Depot came over, we made a fire in my front yard. In the pit that PW and another friend (BP) of ours made. A pretty big one. We took turns throwing in wood and stirring it. We had some drinks and actually talked. A bunch of kids were over, even my uncle stopped by a couple times. When I wrote my friend in jail about it, I told him that it felt like we were dancing around the fire.

Now, I know, we made magic

Home Depot took us to Graffiti Road in Centralia. There is a section of the road completely blocked off so that cars can't go on it but of course, a red truck with some boys in it drove up and down it while we there. I can't find anywhere that says how long that section is but it's at least a mile. We were extremely upset, my daughter especially, there's a lot of gorgeous artwork out there and a lot of it has been destroyed. Yea, some one came and painted white penises from one end to the other. The whole road is covered in penises and some have been placed pervertedly over that awesome graffiti. I never talked to my kid about sex but she knew what they were and that they were used to make babies. I let her say the word a lot that day and get her frustration out. Maybe it helped her not like boys so much

My daughter and Home Depot at Centralia

That's how I knew he was in Hell, I went to Centralia and I thought that it meant sex wasn't the answer

Not long after, it got real hot. It was over 90 and I was grumpy because I got dragged out of bed to go talk. I didn't get green like I was expecting. My old friend who looks like Woody Harrelson and I haven't seen in about 16-17 years, showed up in my driveway with Boston. Yea, I was asked to walk over and I stood there while Boston sat in my friends passenger seat drooling over me as my friend and I talked. Yea, my old friend B made me stand there and talk about shaving, foreplay and how important is was for ME to have green on Fridays. And it was so hot, I was only wearing a tank top and shorts, nothing else, not even shoes or my glasses. Yea, everything was blurry but I still saw Boston drooling and remember, this was right after my visit to Centralia

My number one goal....."Pursuit of Hapiness" Project X

And did I ever tell you that my daughter loves Superman?? Me, I love Batman. Bruce Wayne is so much more believable, isn't he?? But all my songs say I'm looking for Superman too. I was really confused. Until 9/28/15 when I finally caved and looked in my name book, you know, that one that is 10 plus years old

And fly away he did. I sure would like my Universe to stop making me chase him, I'm not Lois Lane and I'm sick of writing this shit

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