I was trying to take a nap when my Capricorn uncle stopped in. He wanted to tell me about his dream. First, he told me that he prefers to sleep during the day so that he doesn't 'dream'. "They're premonitions ya know," he says, "they always come true"

Yea....I was laying here thinking about something I forgot in my last post. When my mom was being mean to me, she muttered something about me smoking too much weed. Yea, in front of the family but thankfully only the ones who know and don't care. And she's right, I have been. It's been my pain medicine and keeping me from remembering my dreams. That's why I've been running out and having problems getting, I need to slow down and start remembering my dreams again. It is everything I believe in

Plus, I've been thinking about time. My daughter's first word was clock. Oh yea, she pointed at it and said clock. My mom was there, it's true. And me, I fucking hate time. I want to know who invented clocks. And why. Not when, doesn't matter, we can't change the past. I just really want to know who and why because this is all I believe.....

Fuck time, fuck the government, I'm doing what I want because I can and I Know this World is way more than we have been led to believe and I'm ready to stop time

P.S. I'm also feeling the need to remember that a few moths ago, we started getting Netflix again. I watched it for a week or so but could never make up my mind so I let cable decide and forgot about Netflix. I can't forget however, that it gave me a video called The Otherworld by Richard Stanley. It's kind of boring and hard to get through but I loved it because I believe. It also told me that January 17 is a very important day in history but not why and the Internet isn't helping me find out why. I can't wait to go dream

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