"Gold Digger"

Have you listened to/read the lyrics to this song?? He met a girl in a beauty salon, a really good girl who messes with the big dogs, not a Gold Digger

5:18 pm

Been fighting the urge to write. I don't know what to say. My friend calls it ghost writing, she writes poems that way. My mom pissed me off today, no surprise there. But I also know that she's only doing it to push me. She reminded me that I'm on the Internet.....for the whole world. I know this.....just wish people would leave her out of it, she chooses not to be on the Internet, therefore, I say what I want and it's none of her business.

And it reminds me that I'm here to change my future. It wasn't that long ago Boston hung witches for being themselves. Now, I can tell the World who I am and as long as I obey the law, no one fucking cares. In fact, I've helped changed the World so much, we have Internet and I don't have to fear anyone touching me again. I sit here in my home, on my mountain and let people who believe in me, find me and want MY services. Oh yes, I can be ME

And sure, I came here to find someone in particular, so I can prove I'm right. And to do that, I went out and changed the World by making a whole bunch of people believe.

I've been remembering my dream about letting Boston drive my car. Remember that?? He drove and left with W and another guy while I left in my moms car. And I woke up pissed, right?!?

I'm here to change my future and I didn't like that one. Boston taking my car and leaving me to my mom, no way. Besides, he doesn't even have a license. Oh no, he's still a boy. See, I just had to remember that it doesn't matter your age, a boy is a boy and a man a man. I knew but I have a bad memory and am boy crazy so I have to keep being reminded. And I had to make sure that I was completely, totally ME so that when I did meet the right guy, I would take my chance and not let him get away. I did finally start this website and blog when Boston ran away to Texas, after many years of thinking about it. Foolishly, I thought he liked me and wanted to be with me. But it's okay, I know who wants to take care of me and I can't wait to let him touch me, I'm definitely ready cause I found me a heart of gold (even tho we both prefer to wear silver)

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