"Lose Yourself"

I have to admit, I have no idea who it is or maybe it's hard to believe when I'm still alone. I thought I did but when I tried to nap, I started crying again and my uncle visited (remember his bday was the 8th). Then I did take a nap, not long enough to 'dream' tho. Then I went for gas and to see my new friend D on my way to see my new friend B but D wasn't there. Now I'm sitting at B's, in her bed and can't fight the urge to write. I'm telling her as I write this that the energy here is epic. We are sitting next to the Press Enterprise building and the Susquehanna River. There are people in there investigating news all over the World and in a little while, I'm going to go deliver around 130 of those papers in Riverside. Yea, I'm taking this energy and spreading it all over that mountain, from top to bottom and all around it; then I'm going home to my mountain with it and finishing this

I have found nothing on January 17 significant except that it's my grandpa and my cousin's daughter's bday. He use to be prejudice but my whole family changed that. And I've always told people that I was looking for a man like him, I love the way he thinks. Lately, all he thinks about is my gram and there are a lot of M's in my life. We called her mom-mom, M-M in text. She often thought about her first husband, Paul and wondered what it would be like if he lived. I showed her with P.W., he wasn't good enough. That's why my grandpa found her and gave her four more kids, which brought me in their lives. And what did they do with me?? They built this house and brought me here to live right before my BFF M was born. Yea, we've been living next to each other and dreaming together since she was born, that's why she believes in me

I mentioned my friend who writes poems. My new friend, B, who was born exactly 8 days after me, four days after my sister-in-law. Yea, my brother's wife D, was born exactly in the middle of us. B use to deliver my paper route and reached out to me after surgery because she dreamed about me. Yea, she ghost writes poems and she's written some from my heart. I gave up trying to write poems ten years ago and for the last four months I've been stuck writing this blog. I've also hung out with my new friend and gotten to know her. Her two dogs love me, especially D, the Pit. Her son, J, was born May 16. He didn't like me much at first, in fact, he ran to his room and hid. Now when I show up, he can't wait to talk to me and this morning, right now, he's up way past his bedtime and has cuddled up against me, watching a Mickey Mouse movie and I haven't said much to him at all

B also introduced me to the Taurus twin roommates who have a Capricorn Moon and an Aquarius Moon. They have been super sweet and taking very good care of my green needs. One of them was here for awhile and all he could talk about and think about was his friend and co-worker. The guy finally left his psycho, possessive wife and was staying with him for a few days but he's missing now. Let's send that guy some Love and let him know that not all women are the same and he Will BE ok

So yea, I've been forced to get to know Boston before the H took over and I was right about him. I believe we are all Magicians, not witches and some one has a spell on him. But it's not me like he thinks, no, I'm the one breaking the spell because I Am Love and I want everyone to be happy forever

6:09 am

I am home now and I think I know. The music the Universe played was magical this morning, just look at the names of the songs and albums. A pirate ship, the devil.....

My new friend D needed some luck and I gave him some while he let me know that Boston is finally using his luck and ready to learn all about astrology. And the married man who thinks he likes me, the other Aries, he's sick. He thinks he likes me because I'm a medium but it's ok, I Know that I Am now and that he's just letting me know that Boston is finally thinking about me and that we are going to get along just fine, just like we use to. And now I also know what all the 2's are about......I use to tell everyone I met that I didn't believe in the bible but no one wanted to talk to me. I had to change the way I communicate. And for years now, I have literally been dying to tell some one why I believe it and I'm still stuck in Hell........it only seems perfect to start With B.C., doesn't it?? Some boys do grow up and the Devil has a Pisces heart like me, he cares more than you think. I know, I met him.....he just wants to be loved too. Afterall, he was raised in New York but he's from Jamaica and today we celebrate Martin Luther KING, the man who wanted us to believe in our dreams

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