"What's Love Got to do With It"

Today, I thought about the song Soundhound gave me. Twice it said that "Lose Yourself" was actually "Fire Fly" by Freestate. Yea, twice it told me that. And I forgot about it when I wrote my blog earlier but I couldn't get it off my mind. I looked it up and I'm sharing the screenshots of what I found. It was submitted by a Drew. I'm not getting started on that name and what it means but I will say that it ends with the big red B tattoo on my neck and Boston. Yea, I think I'm going to write a Whole Book on every letter of the alphabet and I can't decide if I'm putting my Devil in the D's or under his real name

My new female Capricorn friend D needed rescued Monday. I picked her up at a Denny's in a town called Middlesex down near Duncannon where my grandpa is from. She admitted to me later that she wanted to take her life the other day and she had been sitting there thinking about it in my car while I was waiting in line to pay for gas. It seemed like an hour that I waited there and talked to the guy who was upset with me for butting in front of him. I didn't know he was in line, I apologized and we talked. The guy looked like my Devil's brother. I met him once, at his house in the Pocono's and I saw his twins in Bloomsburg yesterday, I almost hit one that was walking across the street!! Today, we talked about being patient cause we were both in line waiting and going to get there anyway, right?? He ended up letting me go first anyway, just like I graduated barber school a week before my Devil did, many weeks past the time he was suppose to

And that cute 19-year old seems fun but he's really just a temptation. We both want real, true love, not a distraction. He's important because I haven't mentioned why it's so important that my Twin Flame has Jupiter in Aries. Yes, it means he's lucky but Jupiter also stands for the search to the meaning of life. Which means he's looking for the meaning to life, he already has everything else and always did, just like me. Plus, I believe this is my World so everyone must be right, he Will BE here, I've got all the answers he's looking for. I met the Devil, who made me like Pit Bulls, which made me fall in Love with one in particular and sorry but God backwards is dog.....to me, that means God is Love; unconditional, forever love: he's not real

So.....maybe, just maybe, I really was hung for being a witch. And maybe it was because I was in love with a married man. But back then, we believed in God, the bible and that marriage was for forever. But not me. I believe I was sick, just like in this life and there was no way to save me, we didn't have technology and hospitals.....so I went crazy and was hung. And maybe, just maybe, that man and I really did love each other and I Am Love so I made this World for us. We have everything, right?? You can buy just about anything on the Internet, you can go to the grocery store in your pj's, weed is becoming legal and you can even get a divorce. Most importantly, I can be Me. I got to sit here and prove to Boston for the last four months that I'm right and I didn't have to look at him, touch him, talk to him or even be in his life at all. Which is great because I'm a good girl, not a homewrecker, I absolutely hate drama and I definitely don't like to share. So maybe.....we really are all magicians and can do whatever the fuck we want

And me, I want a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to stay with me, even die.....but he has to Love me, I don't want it to be just because it's the right thing, I want it to be because he Loves me so much that he can't live without me

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