"Leader of the Pack"


That's the song I heard at 4:20 today and I haven't heard it in years but I just Love it. And it's by The Shangir-La's making me think of Milton some more. After what I wrote below, I'm not surprised the Universe played that song for me today at that time. First, I want to mention that I've been hearing lots of Home Depot commercials, for awhile. See, he deserves Love and he earned it so I'm sending him lots of Love and hoping his Twin will find him

I'm sitting in Middlesex starting this. My friend D needed to come pick up her car. We brought her friend Wayne. D calls herself the Dark Force and all I could think about was Batman and Bruce Wayne. Wayne and D are Capricorns and I'm definitely analyzing my Twin Flames dark Moon; Capricorn in the tarot is the Devil and the man I think is the Devil has a Capricorn Sun

D had me take a different way down, this time I drove past the house where we use to have family reunions, at my distant cousin, A.C.'s house. A talked to me about his friend Trevor once, I remember because a couple years later, I met that Trevor at Magic River Skateland in Danville. Yea, that boy from Marysville moved up here to Watsontown and rode the bus to the place where I was every weekend with my friends. I only saw and talked to him twice but it wasn't long before I met another Trevor

He's an Aquarius like me. I use to think all these male Aquarius' friends I have were teaching me about Me. People have always told me I'm just like one of the guys so they must be showing me why. But I love two's and everything means more than one thing. I'm like one of the guys because I'm analyzing my Twin Flame and I've become a lot like him. I'm so deep in his thoughts, I've cut my hair real short and am smoking too much weed. And his other Moon is Aquarius so I've learned how male Aquarius' think

I Know I'm right because as I was thinking this, we came upon a truck from Lewisburg, way down here near Harrisburg. From Majik company and they have a Milton number. I took a pic before passing it

Plus, D's car wasn't ready so we went looking for food. I said "truck stop or diner" D said "fuck that truck stop" so we went to the diner. When we walked in, there were three men playing with the claw machine, all three wearing neon green. Oh yea....we got lucky. And as we ate that delicious food, D got a call from Massachusettes but she didn't answer because she doesn't think she knows anyone up there

So yea.....I really can help my Twin Flame. Not only do I know him, I know a lot of people just like him.....so I can show him exactly how he thinks and acts. Because I know a lot of Taurus', Carprocorns' and Aquarius'. And his heart, well it's Gemini the Twin, looking for Love.....all I think about is Love because I am Love. I Have and Am everything his heart desires, his Twin. It's why I have a Pisces heart and have to believe in myself for him to find me. My Twin has my heart and I'm Thinking with it so he can't believe in Me if I don't. And that's why his Venus is Cancer. Cancer means I Feel and Venus is the woman's heart. He has my heart, he feels my heart and he really wants to touch me now but he doesn't know why. It's because I'm awake, I believe in myself and I want to touch him, to wake him up like he did me but he thinks I'm crazy, I can't talk to him so I definitely can't touch him. And that's just great, I've always wanted some one to love my mind and if I think like Him, then he must want the same and this blog really is magic

I'm home now. Even though I've traveled that road many times, my whole life, I took the wrong road home. I had no idea where I was for awhile but then I came upon the school I went to in Summerdale in 98-99. I've got lots of stories about that winter and how I ended up quitting accounting and living in Bloomsburg where I met the fairy J, the one who protected my heart from the Devil. But that's for another day, I knew I was making it home today, I was on 11 North, the road home

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