My Moons


I've been having a tough time. The Moon represents your mind, I have two. One is Gemini which means I Think. I Think with my mind and because the other one is Taurus, which means I Have, so I think way too much. I've been wondering why one is Gemini. I finally figured it out. I know a lot of Taurus' and think like them because I love them so much that I want one of my own. Gemini is also the twins and the Lovers card in tarot. Yea, that's why I'm so boy crazy and that's why I truly believe that I have been spending my whole life analyzing my Twin Flame. I've mentioned that I have always felt a black shadow with me, in my dreams and real life. I don't know too many Gemini's, have never gotten close to any and I definitely never wanted to date one. I finally figured that out's because his Mars is Gemini, he really does think with his heart and it really wants to be with it's twin lover just as much I do. And since he has two Moons also, I'm actually thinking with four Moons (and so is he). That Facebook page on Twin Flames tells us that we are always connected and can communicate, even if we are in different states. So I feel him and I'm thinking with him. It's extra tough right now because Mercury, the way we communicate, is in retrograde. Plus, his Moons are Capricorn and Aquarius and right now, the Sun is moving from Capricorn to Aquarius.....his mind literally can't decide which way the Sun is (which represents your self)

I know that you're having a hard time believing what I said about the bible so let me tell you a story. My Leo cousin J was here to visit over New Years. The one who made me fall in love with Marilyn Monroe; the woman who taught me to believe in my dreams, my self and to not be afraid to be Me in a man's world (and unfortunately she could not live alone either). My cousin was telling us that she was with our gram when she wrecked many years ago. I was so young, I don't remember it, I was under ten. She swore she remembers details, like a tissue box flying by her head. But we reminded her that it was just our gram, my brother and me that went thru that field and hit a tree. The rest we argue about because no one wrote anything down

So how do you know that what you think happened is what really happened?? Just because someone told you?? And I'm not looking right now but if I remember, it wasn't written by Him nor when He was alive, was it?? And me, I opened an Evernote notebook in October 2014 and my life has been pretty magical since. I have a notebook for my dreams, one for my life, one for this blog, I even have one called stuff. There's a note on people in my life and why they are important, there's a note with places I want to visit and I even have a note on all the bands I saw at Woodstock '99 because I took notes back then. I know what's Real. What about you?? How much of your life is Real??

I almost forgot to tell you my inspiration for finding my heart but it's one of my Evernote notes and everything happens for a reason. I just remembered something else about it. Regina from the show Once Upon A Time, she reminded me that a witch never takes her heart to battle. Now I Know why Boston stole my heart. I finally can say that it wasn't Me who went out there and washed my car in my bikini, my heart was literally in Boston, Mass., someone else made me do it. And I only told one person that I was thinking about it and I told her by text and I'm pretty sure that she never told anyone else. I knew I wasn't strong enough to do it on my own, I'm not that girl and I still can't believe I did it but I sure am glad that something dragged me out of bed at that moment and made me go out there and do it, with a smile

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