I remembered some dreams. I'm not ok with them right now. For some reason, my neighbors were having a picnic on my deck. And oh yea, Boston was there, I only recognized M, my mom and him. I felt his wife around and I was hiding in my basement. Then I went up to my mom's since she was at the party and went looking for something. I found our ferret with her head chewed off!!! I was so feaked out. She was alive and warm so I called the vet and was freaking on him when I woke up. Of course I ran to check on her.....I'm pretty damn sure she was just letting me know she was really damn thirsty.....her bowl was dry, on the floor and when I gave her more, she was practically jumping out of the cage after it. So yea, that part was easy, my ferret Roxy was so telling me that she felt like she was dying. As for the rest, I don't want to think about it; I was thinking that everyone was telling me to dream because I finally wouldn't dream about Boston, yet there he was and he was looking around like he was looking for some one

And so I turn on the tv for some distraction till I wake up and decided what to do today.....yea, one of my shows is about a guy with the same first name. A married man, cheating on his wife. See......the signs are everywhere and I'm not mad, I'm letting my show play and hearing that name over and over and it's ok now. I don't know the man they are talking about and I'm not having an affair nor will I ever, I'm all about the TRUTH. Though I have been lied to a couple times, I made sure they were caught. Well, me and the whole Universe. I'm just sick of knowing and not having

What was my Devil's test?? His tenth house of public was Scorpio, my real dads Sun. He has several strong planets in that house so he looks and acts like a Scorpio. I thought he was at first, he couldn't believe I didn't know he was Capricorn. He wanted his palm read from day one, yes, he believed in that part of me from the very start and asked often for his palm to be read and kept wondering why I couldn't tell him what he wanted to hear. It was a little scary at first look, his is an awful lot like mine. But I've read enough palms now, I know all us old souls have similar lines, of course, we've been around a long time, we're ready to evolve. Yea, I see a lot of palms with that big M....it's not that unusual in my World. The Devil begged for his birth chart the whole six months, almost as much as my Angel, Tony the Leo (who lives near Centralia). The Devils Sun is in his twelfth house, the house of secrets, that's why he doesn't look or act like a Capricorn. And in February, after I wrote that letter and fell in love with a dog (whose name means so much in my life), we had eleven or twelve more students start. And most of them were reflections of him with different Suns. AND......I guessed every single one's most dominant sign. Some of them are masked by their Moons or Mars, just like the Devil and my self. That's why we have time. So I can figure out exactly which sign my Twin Flame was born as and which one is his strongest in public. It's called the ascendant, which sign we were born in this World as and it changes just about every hour because of the Earth's rotation. And it's different all over the World, of course, it's round. It's what makes us all so different

I almost forgot, when I first started hanging out with my new friend B, remember that she told me to embrace my dreams?? I told her the story and she thought that since my dreams were happy, I shouldn't cry over them. I listened and I saved this poem that she read to me, I knew it meant something

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