"Wishing Well"


I've been laying in bed wishing I could sleep. I'm exhausted. The whole time I was out there, I yawned, wished I were in bed and had help this morning. Help I didn't have to ask for. I was so lost in my thoughts, it would have been nice to have some one to talk to instead of thinking what I was thinking. Everything has been so magical that I feel like I'm dreaming. But I have been to school several times, graduating in the top always and I even beat my Devils test, I'm definitely not crazy so I think I'm dreaming. But I lay here not able to sleep, not wanting to share any of it and I remembered the music. I never put yesterday morning's playlist on Spotify. The one the Universe played for me while delivering papers. I thought it was so magical, especially when I got to hear my new theme song for the third time. And this time, I got to blast it all the way up My Mountain......on the way home (Wednesday)!! And yes, the only song I remember listening to this morning and saved on SoundHound was "Wishing Well" because I haven't heard that one in forever and it played at 4:20 this morning, in the area I call Magic Valley

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to count how many of my customers have wishing wells, I've been wishing on them every morning for how many Moons now?? I know the first one is at the Riley's; along the river, on BS Rd, where I saw the train by my self, while listening to Madonna sing "Like A Prayer"

Have a Blessed and Magical day

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