I still hear my mom telling me to stop saying I forget things. Well that's one of the reasons why I'm writing my journals and this, so the whole Universe can help me remember. Madonna came to me like most of my music, over the radio at night, when I couldn't sleep in my bunkbed; in the room that my daughter and I now share as a closet. A few years later, I got to know the woman thru Mtv. Damn I loved those days, music videos were awesome. One of my fav and the only one I can think of right now is "Learning to Fly" because I would jump around on the couch and chairs pretending to fly. My mom would get so mad. Anyway, look at Madonna now. Of course I love her and admire her, her music the most

I talked once about last Halloween, 2014. I dressed as Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time. I have the red jacket, black leggings, black boots, I even found a gold necklace with a gold hoop like hers. And yea, I bought a blonde wig. i was first to get in my class room and when my classmate Angel the Capricorn, who is from near Centralia (and yea, that's his real name), when he came in, he whistled and said something about me looking all sexy like Madonna. Even tho he didn't know who I was, no one did, he totally made my day

I sold that blonde wig tho because I'm too pale and Irish, I make a better red head. The girl I sold it to is awesome. I love her. She is beautiful, smart, confident and really cool. I will never forget what she did for me one day and I just bet it happened because I'm writing it now. Just like that ferret my uncle brought here a few years ago already had a name. And have you seen that company?? They sell things that are ferret like, right?? Or am I crazy??

I was sitting in my barber chair one day last winter, with tears in my eyes. My new BF and classmate, K.D. the Taurus, was not there that day and I missed her awful bad. I was surrounded by the guys and my Devil was being really bad. I almost burst out bawling, right there in the middle of the room, in front of all my classmates; when L walked in. She came right over to me, gave me a really big hug, said "it will be ok" and she walked out of the room and back downstairs. She made my day and she looks really good in that blonde wig

So how about you?? Are you writing anything down?? Are you making yourself a Star??

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